Everybody has one key question for us. What will you do differently and better than other data providers? We picking a few points we already working on, but will try not to overwhelm with all our ideas.

Unified data sets

We store raw blockchain transactions and then run them through various processors to extract and identify data. Then store it in designated data sets like "DEX Trades", "NFT Flips", "Historic wallet states"
A simple use case would be, if you building a portfolio tracker and want to support multiple chains, you will probably end up scraping multiple market places, building your own metadata database, connecting to RPC nodes, or even going through transactions. Our goal to make it posible to build such apps with Dexterlab API

Enhanced data sets

In the beginning, we will offer custom data sets build from on-chain archives and served through API. After running some manual experiments and seeing what is used and most convenient for clients, we will decide how we want to automate the creation of custom data sets. Currently, we floating and thinking of different ways from dropping full Graph support to building some GUI tools.

Wallet profiling

When we say profiling, it is not that we will look at who owns what, but that we will analyze every transaction through its history, track related wallets, and build a global profile, allowing us to understand how someone got to own an asset in the first place.
From the start, we aim to fully support ETH and SOL. Later, we will expand into other chains as we are highly interested in tracking how assets move across chains via bridges.
Through the wallet activity, we will be constantly adding or removing dynamic labels, which will cover the majority of on-chain activities, such as token and NFT trades, game plays, staking, DAO activities, and so on. In addition to that, we also plan to allow project creators to authenticate and create project-specific labels, such as NFT trait-based labels. Plus, we will have an additional dimension to statistics, where you will be able to check on the activities of specific label-holders.
illustration from secret app

Delivering all data in real-time

We live in a dynamic environment where new tokens or NFT collections are created daily. Yet, users face problems with obtaining information on them in real-time. Many tools hand-pick projects, which they list on their platforms.
At DEXterlab, we will process all transactions and gather all newly created assets and other smart contract interactions in real-time.
For example: even during the NFT mint, you will be able to see who is minting in real time and whether there are any suspicious activities related to participants or creators. After the mint, you will be able to check who the holders are, how the collection is distributed among them, what else they are buying, and much more.