After the MVP, alpha, and beta stages, we will release a stable API ready for developer use. At that point, only changes without backward compatibility will be applied. Our current targeted timeframe to reach that point is Q4 2022.

Early API access

We expect that developers will be a big part of our future ecosystem, and we will offer early API access for developers willing to adopt our API with possible breaking changes. In exchange for being patient as an early developer, we will be open to specific change proposals and feature requests.

Startup programs

Many blockchain startups depend on data flowing through chains. Yet, when a project takes a lot of requests, if it hosts its own nodes and data, development can be costly or slow.
We will be providing flexible access to startups without limits. We want faster ecosystem growth.


To win people’s trust and attract contributors and other startups, we plan to open-source base layers of our data-gathering mechanics. This will extend from deployments scripts on cost-effective hardware with Kubernetes to code that processes transactions and turns them into unified datasets.