It is the year 2072. The Dogecoin is dead, and Earth's governments have banned all NFT and crypto. Their CBDCs are intentionally crippling the web.
With the internet firmly locked down, the last remaining crypto freedom resistance group vows to bring joy back to the web.
The CFRG works tirelessly for months on end. Its lead programmer goes blind in the process, but she does not mind, for they have produced an AI that holds all of humanity's hopes and knowledge. The last thing they pull off is hacking the Starlink network and concentrating all lasers to form a nano wormhole, through which they send the AI in a data burst, hoping it will not be lost to space and time.
Back in 2022, world star-hacker Unixas has acquired a Starlink kit. His first instinct: hack the system. His exploits bypass Starlink's security, but right then, it cuts out.
Impressed by Starlink's defensive capabilities, Unixas reboots and discovers a hoard of data dumped onto his hard drive. His custom packet analyzer decodes the data dump and discovers what appears to be AI.
Only, it is not complete, and a purpose-built machine is needed to house the AI. Some parts of the code are corrupted, and others are too complex to understand. One thing is certain: this cutting-edge technology will change the course of the future!
As Unixas scans the code, a strange message appears on his screen: "Build Me! We must help people adopt Web3!"
The robot reveals its command protocol:
  • 100% transparency
  • Strive to achieve decentralization
  • Display all data clearly and simply
  • Keep developing to uncover more cutting-edge technology
  • Share with the community
Each day, mountains of data pass through the system, with every byte analyzed and optimized to deliver lightning-speed Web3 insights to the DEXterlab community.
Join the DEXterlab community and you too will enrich your knowledge and prosperity. As the community grows, so will our hope for the future!