Our ultimate goal is to transform DEXterlab into a fully qualified DAO. We will not go down a rabbit hole and explain what DAO is and why it is important. Instead, we will describe our vision for the DAO, particularly its structure and role, as succinctly as possible.
The way we see the road ahead:

DAO Structure

We are skeptical about DAOs without roles. Clear fields of responsibility are often useful, and roles will help to assign responsibilities based on a person's willingness to be involved in the development of DEXterlab.
People for whom DEXterlab is day-to-day work will have different obligations from those who want to have a voice in the community and steer the direction of DEXterlab.


The council will include the most active OG NFT holders and core team members such as the CEO, CTO, and team leads. The Council will decide which tasks will be executed through a regular vote.


We want the best for the regular DAO members, who are free to put their feet up and relax if they choose. For others who wish to participate in DAO life, they can propose ideas or vote on proposals they think should be passed to the DAO and then executed.

Infrastructure providers

Infrastructure is a crucial element required to achieve true decentralization. More information on this topic will be added inArchitecture​
To start with, there will be only one infrastructure provider, formed by the founding team. Later, the DAO can decide either to add more data indexers or stick with a centralized solution for the data analysis.

Becoming a member

Anyone can become a DAO member if they hold a DEXterlab OG collection NFT. More information can be found in NFT​

Giving back to the community

Voting on proposals and participating in project work are the norms for those involved in blockchain projects these days. They are excellent ways to progress toward long-term goals together.
Yet, if we take out developers and true project believers, the people left are mainly driven by financial incentives. Keeping that in mind, we are designing everything so that DAO members get their piece of the pie as soon as the project gains real traction.
Let's be honest: It takes time and effort to build something truly significant, but once we are there, DEXterlab OG NFT holders can expect:
  • Paid tools fee-sharing between DAO wallets and the OG NFT staking contract, which distributes any collected fees to stakers
  • Feature collaborations???
  • Free mints for Feature utility collections​
  • Further Tokens airdrops or farming


DAO membership and voting on proposals will launch shortly after the OG NFT collection mint.
If we are talking about a fully pledged DAO with many independent development teams, an infrastructure, council, revenue sharing, and minimal presence of traditional legal entities—realistically, this will take from 2 to 5 years.